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Download Textnow App Crack For PC 2024

Textnow App Crack For PC

Textnow App Crack For PC Here’s an introduction to the TextNow app, highlighting its key features and purpose:

TextNow is a multi-platform app that provides free phone calls, text messaging, and voicemail services over Wi-Fi or cellular data. It’s a popular choice for those seeking a free and flexible communication solution, especially those who:

  • Don’t want to commit to a traditional phone plan.
  • Need a secondary number for business or personal purposes.
  • Frequently travel internationally and want to avoid roaming charges.
Key Features:
  • Free phone number: Obtain a US-based phone number to make and receive calls and texts.
  • Wi-Fi calling: Make calls and send texts over Wi-Fi, even without a cellular connection.
  • Carrier compatibility: Works with most major US carriers and supports select international providers.
  • Texting and calling: Send unlimited text messages and make calls to other US and Canadian numbers for free.
  • Voicemail: Receive voicemail messages and access them through the app or via email.
  • Customization: Personalize your experience with ringtones, backgrounds, and notification settings.
  • Cross-platform: Use TextNow on your smartphone, tablet, or computer through its web and desktop apps.
Additional Features (Premium upgrade):
  • Remove ads: Eliminate in-app ads for a cleaner experience.
  • Call forwarding: Forward calls to other numbers for convenience.
  • Caller ID: See who’s calling before you answer.
  • Text forwarding: Forward texts to other numbers.
  • Voicemail transcription: Read voicemails in text format.


TextNow is a versatile communication tool that can be valuable for various purposes. It’s a convenient option for staying connected without the cost of a traditional phone plan.

Feature Of Textnow App Crack For PC

Textnow App Crack For PC Here’s a breakdown of the key features of the TextNow app:

Free Number:
  • Receive a free US-based phone number upon signup.
  • Use this number for calls, texts, and voicemail.
  • Choose a number from various area codes or port in an existing number.
Wi-Fi Calling and Cellular Data:
  • Make calls and send texts over Wi-Fi, even without cellular service.
  • Use cellular data for calls and texts when Wi-Fi is unavailable.
  • Minimize carrier charges and stay connected in areas with limited signal.
Calling and Texting:
  • Send unlimited text messages to any US or Canadian number.
  • Make unlimited calls to other TextNow users.
  • Make free calls to any US or Canadian number (limited minutes per month).
  • Earn credits or purchase add-ons for calls to international numbers.
  • Receive voicemail messages directly in the app.
  • Listen to voicemails, download them, or have them transcribed to text.
  • Receive voicemail notifications via email.
  • Personalize the app with custom ringtones and backgrounds.
  • Set notification preferences for calls, texts, and voicemails.
  • Choose from light or dark themes.
  • Use TextNow on your smartphone (Android or iOS).
  • Access TextNow on your computer through the web or desktop apps.
  • Sync messages and contacts across devices for seamless communication.
Additional Features (Premium upgrade):
  • Remove ads for an uninterrupted experience.
  • Forward calls to other numbers for convenience.
  • See who’s calling with Caller ID.
  • Forward texts to other numbers.
  • Have voicemails transcribed to text.
  • Beyond the basics: Exploring additional features of TextNow

    TextNow offers more than just free calls and texts! Here are some features you might not know about:

    Enhanced Messaging:
    • Group chats: Stay connected with multiple people at once.
    • Multimedia: Send and receive emojis, stickers, GIFs, pictures, and videos to liven up your conversations.
    • Customization: Change the app’s theme and wallpaper to add your personal touch.
    • International calls: Make calls to select countries from the US and Canada (paid feature).
    Advanced Functionality:
    • Burner numbers: Get temporary phone numbers for added privacy (paid feature).
    • Custom voicemail greetings: Create a personalized message for callers who reach your voicemail.
    • Call blocking: Block unwanted numbers to avoid spam and harassment.
    • Call forwarding: Forward calls to another number for seamless communication.
    • Call waiting and three-way calling: Manage multiple calls simultaneously for added convenience (paid feature).
    Data and SIM Options:
    • Data add-ons: Purchase additional data if you need more than the free allotment (data plans also include additional features).
    • TextNow SIM card: Connect to a nationwide 4G/5G network for cellular access without relying solely on WiFi (paid feature).
    • Number selection: Choose a custom phone number that’s easy to remember (paid feature).
    Web and Desktop Access:
    • Access your messages, call history, and other features from any web browser.
    • Desktop app: Download the TextNow app for your computer for even more convenient communication.
    Additional Perks:
    • Ad-free experience: Remove in-app ads for a cleaner and more streamlined experience (included with some paid plans).
    • Earn rewards: Participate in activities and surveys to earn TextNow credits, which can be used for paid features.


  • Remember, some features require paid plans or add-ons. Explore TextNow’s website and app to discover the different options and find the plan that best suits your needs.

    I hope this gives you a better understanding of TextNow’s capabilities! If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.


How Can Download Textnow App Crack For PC

Downloading the TextNow app is super easy! Here’s how you can do it depending on your device:

On Android:
  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. Search for “TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited.”
  3. Click on the app listed by TextNow, Inc.
  4. Click “Install.”
  5. Once downloaded, click “Open” to launch the app and create your account.
On iOS:
  1. Open the App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Search for “TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited.”
  3. Click on the app listed by TextNow, Inc.
  4. Click “Get.”
  5. Enter your Apple ID password or use Face ID/Touch ID to authenticate.
  6. Once downloaded, click “Open” to launch the app and create your account.



You can also download the TextNow app directly from their website:

  1. Click on the button corresponding to your device (Android or iOS).
  2. Follow the prompts on your device to download and install the app.

Remember, you’ll need a valid email address and an internet connection to create your TextNow account.

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